LPG Auto & Fuels

The automotive LPG is used as a vehicle fuel and has a big demand among LPG service stations of different countries. The number of transportations with autogas fuel is growing, that’s why LPG auto products become in great request day by day.

COWAX offers LPG for propellant application. Both the private enterprisers and the sector makers became COWAX long-term clients.


We receive the product from the best refinery organizations. The LPG is produced by oil refineries during the refining of crude oil and is a naturally occuring by-product.


The customers give the priority to automotive LPG due to its cost and environmental benefits. COWAX distributes such kind of vehicle fuel to its consumers by means of the sufficient logistics operations. Any kind of LPG fuel would be delivered door-to-door:

• By truck;
• By sea;
• In railway wagons.


Our supply chain solutions satisfy the needs of COWAX partners and clients.
The automotive liquid petroleum fuel is delivered in the single purpose tankers. The customer should not be alarmed with the quality of fuel products and the required date maintenance. COWAX secures the fulfillment of each consumer’s contract and offers real-time distributive services of high quality.

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