Logistics and Transport

The logistics operations are instrumental to COWAX distribution performance. Careful attention is dedicated to the most efficient logistical solutions that could meet the needs of each and every customer of our company. Our goal is to ensure that each customer is able to see the inherent value of our tailor-made supply chain without unnecessary intermediaries.


As recognition for its high-quality services COWAX at the moment has strategic relations with a decent number of producers and end users globally.

The following numbers speak for themselves:


  • Operations in 17 countries – we supply high quality products to the customers worldwide;
  • COWAX cooperates with more than 20 refineries globally – the best logistical solutions and the cargo safety are assured when loading from each location.


To ensure in-time deliveries COWAX group uses only the most advanced transportation units. Our logistical operations have the door-to-door concept. Our petrochemical products are transported by road, sea and railway, by bulk and in containers.


Bulk shipments are normally performed by road tankers, railtank cars and sea vessels.
Products in containers are transported by iso tanks, flexitanks, IBC-s, drums, bituboxes and clovetainers.


The advantages of dealing with Cowax:


COWAX is considered as the leading global distributor of petrochemical products with the best transportation and logistical solutions for its clients. Each business partner can rely on:


  • The integrated sea\land freight;
  • The door-to-door delivery according to the client’s requirements;
  • The comprehensive supply chain management;
  • The individual approach to each customer;
  • The large variety of available logistical solutions

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