One of the distributional products of COWAX are petroleum fuels.
Fuel is one of the widely-accepted sources of energy in the world. In order to gain petrofuel for market aims, products should be refined and be ready for transportation.
COWAX supplies the chemical commodities for different purposes:


– Powering of different kind of vehicles (power generation for ships, airplanes and other equipment);
– Electric-power industry (providing of electrical services);
– Charging material for heating systems;
– Fuel usage in other life spheres and for industrious purposes.


Our company takes into account the huge demand of petroleum fuels and strives to improve the distribution and logistics field for COWAX customers and partners.

All the petrofuels we provide meet the strict standards regulating the fuel quality. COWAX works with no middlemen involved – we purchase, store and supply to consumers:

– Gasoline – one of the major fuels in the world is delivered directly to the customer with help of any available mode of transportation (cargo trains, truck tanks, etc.);
– Diesel fuel – both the gas oil and namely diesel are transported also with help of different logistical solutions in order to deliver the fuel in time. The diesel fuels COWAX supplies are presented with different sulfur contents;
– Heavy fuel oil – the customer could rely on COWAX in the question of HFO supply. The cargo is instantly delivered door-to-door from refineries to customers. Our company also could offer vessel refueling service – we are cooperating with authoritative organizations in this field.

COWAX guarantees a sufficient fuel composition, reasonable rates and fast transportation of petrofuels.

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