Petroleum products

COWAX has the wide range of petroleum products in its porfolio, that could satisfy different needs of customers. As the reliable distributor, COWAX group provides high grade petro items.


Consumers could count on the efficient partnership, that would assure fast supply of petroleum products with varied fields of application. The leading distributor provides certain petro items for customers:


  • Naphta – is the petroleum item of high demand. We supply this raw material at affordable prices, which are formed according to the actual exponents of market monitoring. All clients could be sure in product quality and its package integrity. We also guarantee on-time deliveries of this main raw material for gasoline production.
  • Aromatics — is the wide-spread petro item for chemical industry applications. The main Aromatics types, that COWAX supplies, are: Benzene, Toluene, o-Xylene, p-Xylene, Pyrolysis products and Solvents. Consumers would get the needful Aromatics fast and safe due to optimized logistics solutions with the door-to-door concept.
  • Bitumen – is widely used as the raw material in the constructional field and is also presented in our petro products portfolio. Many of infrastructure representatives order bitumen abundantly. Our special packaging ensures product safety and solves all the Bitumen useful characteristics such as melting feature.


All the processes in our supply chain are based in the way to give the customers value from each aspect of collaboration. For delivering petro products COWAX uses extensive logistical capability with the help of modern land and maritime vehicles. Our company is the responsible distributor, to which commodities supply could be entrusted to.

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