Finished lubricants are one of the important components of COWAX product portfolio. Our customers are able to rely on the high-quality materials to satisfy their personal, commercial and industrial needs. The full range of COWAX lubricants consists of the following groups with different characteristics for certain applications:


  • CVL group of products – the lubricants that are suitable for commercial vehicle operations. The high-end lubricants with synthetic formulations would allow to increase the productivity of trucks and other commercial vehicles. Our CVL products ensure longevity of the main systems, mechanisms and machinery units of our clients.
  • PVL group — these are the liquids for the passenger vehicles. COWAX supplies different oils for cars i.e. for engines, transmission, break fluids. The synthetic formulations of our products assure increased drain intervals and long life of passenger vehicles.
  • IND group – these lube products are suitable for any industrial applications. Our company provides efficient oils and fluids for hydraulic systems, gear mechanisms, turbines, industrial engines etc. The usage of advanced lubricants for industrial operations provides for extended service intervals due to the reduced disruptions and malfunctions in operation of industrial units.


COWAX ensures strict quality control and management when supplying its products. The best logistical solutions and financing are available to meet the needs of its customers. All lubricant products are stored at specially designated warehouses and terminals. Finished lubricants offered by COWAX may be transported in different forms of packages i.e. cans, pails, drums, IBC-s and flexitanks. COWAX as a global distributor strives to create the most value for its customers and business partners in the whole supply chain.

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