Aerosol propellant

Our company provides customers with the qualitative aerosol propellant. The high grade of COWAX products is the essential feature of our distribution.


We guarantee impeccable quality according to individual specification, regular supply, punctual deliveries and a perfectly elaborated supply chain.


The full range of propellants is regularly analyzed for the odor aspect, the pressure and purity of product and the cylinder integrity. Simultaneously we always check the cleanliness of the means of transport, so that the aerosol propellant contains its perfect quality.


Consumers receive the aerosol propellant in time due to our logistics solutions. Of course, also the safe concept during the transportation is fulfilled. Delivery is consumed by special overland transport or by sea. The logistic scheme “door-to-door” ensures fast propellant supply to the consumer.


Liquefied propellants, that COWAX supplies, are used in different industries and possess certain qualities:
• Environmentally-acceptable;
• Chemically stable;
• Non-toxic.


These propellant characteristics allow the representatives of different industrial spheres use the liquified product for any necessary application. We are cooperating only with the most reliable producers of aerosol propellant, as COWAX is responsible for the quality and in-time delivery of the delivered product.


COWAX meets all individual needs of its consumers – the aerosol propellants are available in different cylinder sizes.


We have much experience in the field of propellant distribution. The comprehensive grasp of the modern market enables the total satisfaction of all customers’ requirements.

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