COWAX makes LPG available for customers all over the world. The liquefied petroleum gas is widely used as the fuel for industrial objects as the petrochemical feedstock. This kind of fuel has more environmental benefits than kerosene and other ones. That is why LPG has nowadays a high demand on the market.
The representatives of different business areas can count upon the LPG products of high quality – COWAX provides customers with LPG for any residential or commercial aims. The LPG and its mixtures we supply are used as the vehicle fuel or as the burnable on the chemical plants.


We also assure the correct storage of each petroleum item on special terminals, that we are leasing from our partners, with whom we are working together for many years and whom we can count on always and in every respect.


Our products list consists of:


  • Propane-Butane mixture;
  • Propane;
  • Propane fraction (C3);
  • Butane;
  • Butane fraction (C4);
  • n-Butane;
  • isoButane;
  • Butadiene fraction (Crude C4);
  • Propylene;
  • Propylene fraction;
  • Pentane fraction (C5);
  • Dimethyl Ether (DME);
  • isoPentan.


Each unit from our product portfolio meets all basic requirements and could satisfy the needs of any COWAX consumer. We are cooperating with the best petroleum refinery-companies in order to supply adequate LPG products. Many business leaders place their confidence in COWAX and get LPG for agricultural, manufactural or heating application.

Our company guarantees on-time delivery with package integrity that keep the liquid products in safe. Each COWAX client can choose the logistic solution – we transport the products door-to-door in special gas tankers by railway or with the help of trucks.

COWAX is a distributor of cost-effective LPG products for its consumers. The company is having regard to the state of the market and offers the best variants of collaboration with value for money comprehensively.

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