Fuel is a chemical substance from crude oil, which is used as raw material for further processing in the refineries or by incineration for heating, power generation and driving force. During the supply of fuels, COWAX continuously monitors and evaluates seasonal and macroeconomic trends, as well as potential mixing opportunities, in order to work more effectively in this market.



COWAX buys, stores and supplies fuel directly to consumers. The delivery occurs according to customer requirements and market conditions by sea, railway cars or in truck tanks.


Diesel fuel (gas oil, diesel)

COWAX trades with diesel fuels of premium class with different sulfur contents. The delivery occurs also by sea, railway cars or in truck tanks. The storage and the mixing of fuels is adapted to local specifications of the delivery area.


Heavy fuel oil

We have close partnerships with companies that are responsible for the refueling of ships. In addition, we deliver oil to customers, who wish to use the product for heating, for power generation or as raw material for further processing.