Base oils

Base oil is the basic module of many lubricants. Our base oil comes from crude oil which was processed in refineries and has been classified by API and ATIEL in four different quality groups with various applications. COWAX purchases its base oils from the leading refineries worldwide.


Group I
This group includes oils with an increased proportion of aromatics and less than 90% saturated components. The oils of Group I dissolve relatively easily and have a viscosity index between 95 and 105. They are mainly used for simple motors, gear and hydraulic oils.

Our products of Group I:

SN-80, SN-100, SN-150, SN-400, SN-500, SN-650, bright stock (BS)


Group II
Base oils of Group II have more than 90% saturated components and undergo a mild hydrocracking and catalytic dewaxing. The viscosity index is between 95 and 120. These oils have improved oxidation stability and a better evaporation behavior. They are mainly used for modern, simple motor oils.

Our products of Group II:

60N, 80N, 100N, 220N, 500N


Group III

Base oils of Group III undergo a strong hydrocracking and an extended dewaxing. These oils are characterized by a very good oxidation stability and have a viscosity index over 120. They are used for synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants.

Our products of Group III:



Group IV

In Group IV are chemically produced, synthetic base oils, called PAO. They have excellent thermal and oxidation stability and a viscosity index over 140. They are used mostly for premium engine and transmission oils.

Our products of Group IV:

PAO 2, PAO 4, PAO 5, PAO 6, PAO 7, PAO 8, PAO 9 and PAO 10, 11 PAO, PAO 12, PAO 13